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In addition to our software solutions, the Capital Accounting Partners team provides professional consulting services for several cost-related topics, including:
  • Cost Allocation Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Indirect Cost Rate Proposals (ICRPs)
  • Regulatory Compliance Advising
  • Budget Analysis and Advising
  • Grant Funding and Application Advising


As industry-leading experts in the cost allocation and management field, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our experience and technical expertise to deliver premier cost planning services to clients of any size and in all sectors. In the public sector, we complete Full Cost Plans, OMB-Compliant Cost Plans, and Statewide Cost Plans (SWICAPs). In the private sector, we help clients define their internal cost reporting requirements and build comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to drive cost-oriented results.


In addition to our cost allocation planning services, we advise clients on best practices and cost allocation methodologies. We help clients identify and define their cost centers and services to create internal cost sharing and planning tools that help managers stay on top of their fiscal operations and internal metrics. Full internal cost transparency can help any organization plan and operate better to deliver consistently stronger results.


An Indirect Cost Rate proposal (ICRP) calculates the rate of overhead to tack onto a service or project to charge to outside individuals or agencies for using that service. ICRPs help ensure that agencies get their full cost reimbursement for grants, user fees, and SB 90 claims. ICRPs are calculated for direct labor departments and help to establish an overhead rate to assure that the “full cost” of providing the service is recovered. CostTree helps clients establish a comprehensive rate proposal encompassing all relevant operations to establish fully reimbursable cost structures.


Financial oversight, compliance, and best-practice implementation are increasingly non-optional in governmental, nonprofit and private industry accounting. Compliance requires careful planning, guidance and implementation. We're here to help. From OMB-Certified cost analyses to pre-audit review, we'll guide your organization through each stage and leave you feeling confident in your agency's cost protocols.


It can be difficult to understand the differences between cost allocation and budgeting; the two are closely related. Implementing strong cost allocation principles throughout your organization tends to yield more accurate budget cycles and more proactive fiscal planning. Better fiscal planning and budgetary management can, in turn, inform improved allocation strategies and financial distribution methods. Doing a great job on both sides requires careful coordination and expertise. We've built an advising platform that guides clients through key questions, from employee salaries to administrative costs. The end result is improved organizational efficiency and financial transparency.


CostTree's deep subject matter expertise in cost allocation and cost plan creation also yields thorough, defensible data for increasing indirect cost rate reimbursement in the grant space. The best grantee is one that understands and can demonstrate where every awarded dollar is spent. We help grantees and grantors follow their grant dollars and provide clear reporting mechanisms to show program efficacy, resulting in greater provision of key services.