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COMING Q1 2018

Audit is a cloud-based platform for Cognizant Agencies to collect sub-recipients’ indirect cost rate proposals, cost allocation plans, and custom financial reporting in a sortable and manageable format. Approve, reject, or suggest changes to particular sub-recipients in one easy place. Audit allows multiple users to concurrently view, comment and write notes on proposals and plans. Audit can be customized to the needs and processes of your particular agency to become a powerful tool to streamline your cost rate proposal and submission review process.

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Microsoft / Google Sign In

Sign in with the click of a button using your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Account.

Convenient Navigation

With the side Navigation Bar you can easily access any part of your agency's data at the click of a button.


Access Audit wherever in the world you happen to be. Get the numbers you need on any computer.

In App Support

Have a question? You can search our knowledge base or submit a support ticket without leaving Audit.

Document Repository

Store and share your source material with your team in Audit's document repository.

Unlimited Concurrent Users

There is no limit to the number of Users who can access and Audit cost plans at the same time.

Subrecipient Submission

Collect your Subrecipient's Cost Plans in a uniform format. No more trying to decipher disorganized data.

Subrecipient Status Tracking

See the status of your Subrecipient's cost plans so that you can manage their progress.

In App Messaging

Send questions and comments to your Sub Recipients in our cost plan contextual messaging system.