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AMA: Shelly Slebrch

We chose Shelly as our top people to look out for based on her thought leadership and extensive knowledge in the grant community.

What is your role at NGMA and what do you do?

I am the executive director of the National Grants Management Association (NGMA).  With an active membership of over 1,400 members and a very small staff, I work full time along with our membership coordinator, who just went full time this month, and a part-time web/graphic contractor.  I am responsible for executing the policies, programs, and initiatives of NGMA.

Wall of Wires


Since the first stone tools were made millions of years ago to create efficiencies in food preparation, humans have been on an unrelenting path of technological innovation. There are two overarching goals of technology: 1) to increase the quality and quantity of our output and 2) to decrease our workload.  On the first goal, our success is nothing short of profound. As to the second, well, let’s just say we’re getting there. 

HV Grants

We have all heard stories about what life was like way back when—the grandparents who had to walk five miles to school in the snow, the parents who did reports on manual typewriters … yada yada yada.

When Technology Hurts Innovation

The rapid pace of technology development brings an increasing array of new solutions for every process and activity government employees engage in. While each new solution touts significant ROI from increased revenues, decreased costs, and improved efficiency, those goals rarely result in quantifiable outcomes. Somewhere in the grey area between launching a new technology and successfully integrating it into your organization lies a graveyard of failed technology implementations.

CostTree & ICMA

As a new partner to the ICMA, this was our first conference and our first visit to Kansas City. What an amazing trip we had! During the conference, we introduced our members to CostTree by way of our virtual, co-branded environment with eCivis. The environment was the size of about four cars, with snowflakes falling among six-foot-tall trees, and it all fit in a 10 x 10 booth. We even built a bridge onsite for members to walk out onto and to explore the city around them.