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7 Keys to Selecting the Right Grants Management System

Grants provide critical program funding to local governments, and during times of fiscal constraints, the need to pursue grant funding can become even more critical. In some local governments, grant funding accounts for more than twenty percent of the total fiscal year’s operating budget. So, how do you find a grants management system that helps you pursue grant funding and manage your grant awards?

WFOA 2016

Having never been to the Inland North West before, stepping out of the airport and looking up at the vast blue sky full of splattered brushstroke clouds was breathtaking. I think Bob Ross may have painted the landscape that day. Spokane is a gorgeous city.

But that’s enough painting allusions; it’s time for some Star Wars references because, as you may or may not know, Star Wars was the theme of this year’s WFOA.

WFOA was basically the opposite of Mos Eisley. You will never find a more welcoming hive of pleasantry and hospitality (okay enough of that).

From 2 CFR 230 to the New Uniform Guidance for Indirect Costs

You may have heard about the new Uniform Guidance for indirect costs that will supersede the 2 CFR Part 230 circular, but have no idea what this change means for your nonprofit. Even reading the name may leave you going, “Huh?” Or you may have downloaded the 100+ page document with the new requirements, but haven’t had the time to delve into it. If you haven’t taken the time to read about the new and impactful Uniform Guidance, the following are the main points to be mindful of.

Nonprofit’s Profit = Impact

If we want nonprofits to run more like a business, how should they measure success?

A successful business is defined by profit. If a business does not continue to make a profit year over year, they soon become extinct. A successful nonprofit, however, is defined by its level of impact. Impact that can only be sustained if you are able to support your true costs of operation.

Cloud-based Software for Local Government

You most likely use cloud-based services and software every single day, maybe without even knowing it. LinkedIn. Gmail. Evernote. Box. Office 365. Google Docs. Work with at least one of these lately?

Saying that something is cloud-based is the term that has been adopted to say that the software or platform that you’re using runs on software and data stored on remote servers rather than on your computer as a local application.

From OMB A-87 to the Age of CostTree

The Age of CostTree

Do you remember what computers were like in 1968? Did they even have Excel back then? Imagine writing the OMB A-87 guidelines by wonder it's confusing.

It has been almost 50 years since the original OMB guidelines for cost plans were created. We are talking about way back when. When apple was only just a healthy snack, gas was only 34 cents and the average price for a house was just under $5,000. Let's just say times have changed a LOT since then and so have our costs.

GFOA Part 1: CostTree in Philadelphia

When CostTree travels, we go big. This year's Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) 2015 Conference in Philadelphia was a phenomenal experience for us, and no exception to this!

The three days we exhibited at the conference passed by in a flurry of moments in which financial officers from across the nation gathered at our booth to talk cost plans, pick up some of our CostTree swag, and view a short one-on-one demo of our revolutionary software.