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WFOA 2016


WFOA 2016

Having never been to the Inland North West before, stepping out of the airport and looking up at the vast blue sky full of splattered brushstroke clouds was breathtaking. I think Bob Ross may have painted the landscape that day. Spokane is a gorgeous city.

But that’s enough painting allusions; it’s time for some Star Wars references because, as you may or may not know, Star Wars was the theme of this year’s WFOA.

WFOA was basically the opposite of Mos Eisley. You will never find a more welcoming hive of pleasantry and hospitality (okay enough of that).

It was so amazing to see the rush of people come in on the first morning. Every smiling face was very interested in our CostTree capes and so eager to learn what we do here at CostTree. It was such a pleasure to let them know that there are alternatives to using those laborious spreadsheets. They also seemed to have an insatiable appetite for our stress balls, which I think went faster than the Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run (okay, I guess I’m not done yet).

Because we are in the cost allocation season, when we showed people our software it was hard not to see how we could help. I mean, let’s face it, calculating your indirect costs by yourself isn’t easy, and you certainly don’t want to end up looking like a scruffy nerf herder. Without any help, it’s like the probability of successfully navigating an asteroid belt (3,720 to 1 according to some robots). However, like we say at CostTree, never tell me the odds.

In addition to our software, we found that many people were impressed by our 2 CFR Part 200 Sliders, which help to quickly reference the uniform guidance because, to speak like Yoda, “Be compliant we must.” We also found that people gravitated toward our quarterly magazine Capture faster than Anikan in a pod racer on Tatooine. If you missed either of these at the conference, fear not (for fear is the path to the dark side). You can find these wonderful tools on our website by following the provided links.

We really do pride ourselves on making your cost allocation plans much more manageable and, with our eCivis partnership, we want to bring you a new hope.

Thank you so much to the organizers and participants at WFOA this year. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy your hospitality and to meet all of the amazing people working to make Washington the great state it is.

May the force be with you.