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New CostTree Logo

Welcome to CostTree's New Website!

New Look, Same Great Resources

In keeping with our commitment to bring cost-related information and resources to the finance professionals and program administrators in our audience, we have redesigned our resource library, capture magazine library, and blog platform to handle better and newer content. Additionally, you can now access a digital version of our famous slider right here on the site. We aim to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant guidance on cost allocation planning, cost management, and financial reporting to governments, non profits, and private sector audiences alike.

Want more information on any of these topics or have ideas for a new blog post, resource guide, or video? Drop us a line at

New Product Offerings

Alongside our expanded resource libraries, you can find more information about our upcoming cost-related products in our Solutions page. Following the upcoming launch of our full cost allocation planning suite, Allocate, we will bring to market our new enterprise-grade auditing platform, Audit, as well as our indirect cost rate proposal generation and submission portal, Rates. Built around the infinitely scalable and cutting-edge data management system that provides the foundation for Allocate, these new offerings will form a fully-integrated ecosystem for cost allocation and cost management activities, including plan creation and submission, rate generation and justification, and complete review and approval processes for every level of the funding cycle.

In addition to our cost reporting solutions, we are currently developing a comprehensive private sector product for use in the creation and defense of transfer pricing and internal costing activities in large, complex corporate entities. The unique needs of commercial cost management operations deserve a unique solution tailored to the expectations of demanding finance professionals. Transfer is that solution.

We are excited to bring you the most advanced solutions ever created for this industry.

What's Next

Leveraging our unparalleled subject matter expertise and extensive partner network, we will be producing more reference materials and cost allocation guidance over the coming months. We are always listening to our audience's needs and requests so don't hesitate to reach out and share information or pain points and we will work to address them in upcoming publications and posts.

We are deploying a new, comprehensive support platform that integrates with our new product line and contains contextual reference materials and resources. Users can access support team members and reference best practices and user guides from within the application interface, streamlining the process and keeping users more productive and efficient. All active CostTree user accounts will be able to directly access the support library and communications portal from any browser and at any time.

Finally, we will be attending the Maryland Governor's Grants Conference next month in Hyattsville, MD. Come find us at our combined booth with partners eCivis and WizeHive to learn more about how we are all addressing the complex needs of grant funders and recipients and making the process easier at all levels of funding.

Stay tuned.