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CostTree & ICMA



As a new partner to the ICMA, this was our first conference and our first visit to Kansas City. What an amazing trip we had! During the conference, we introduced our members to CostTree by way of our virtual, co-branded environment with eCivis. The environment was the size of about four cars, with snowflakes falling among six-foot-tall trees, and it all fit in a 10 x 10 booth. We even built a bridge onsite for members to walk out onto and to explore the city around them.  People were immersed in a virtual world that only existed within a tiny headset, but appeared to be vast in their minds.

People were skeptical at first, but as soon as they took off their VIVE headset, the change in demeanor was remarkable. It was a complete shift from when they began their awesome two-minute journey. Each person that entered the environment was entered in our raffle to win a VIVE headset.

As thought leaders, we are always looking to the future and bringing the highest levels of innovation and ease of use to the forefront.

The conference hall started emptying out on the last day, but when we selected our lucky winner, people were crowding around our booth. Our winner, Mark, could not have been happier to win.

Side note: if you ever get the pleasure of going to Kansas City, I’d recommend Jack Stacks and Q39 for some of the best BBQ on the planet. Kansas City was delightful and very cutting edge. We can’t wait to visit again.