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We believe in the entities that make a difference in our lives and the communities they serve. Whether they be small towns or big cities, newly founded non-profits or established financial institutions, CostTree exists to make those entities more efficient and effective. Our applications provide the tools and platforms to make that happen.

Our Philosophy

Every single day our team strives for one thing: creating more efficient and effective communities. We do this by offering a cost allocation platform that allows organizations of all sizes to maximize their indirect cost reimbursements, better understand their true cost of service, and run scenarios to determine what cost structure provides the greatest organizational impact.

By partnering with CostTree, entities can spend less time worrying about whether or not their spreadsheet formulas are correct, and more time determining how to put more resources toward the departments, projects, and people that keep our nation running.

Our all-inclusive platform is the best offering for an organization that wants to take ownership of their cost plan, while remaining completely supported by a team of cost allocation experts.

Founder, Nicolie Lettini

If you have ever spoken to Nicky Lettini, CostTree's Founder and CEO, about cost allocation, you will quickly realize how passionately she feels about the subject. With nearly two decades of experience, she has enjoyed a highly successful career as a cost plan consultant, maximizing reimbursements for her clients in places others rarely think to look.

As her client list grew, Nicky began to search for a way to streamline the preparation of cost allocation plans without compromising the integrity and quality of her work. What she wanted was a cloud-based software that combined everything a client could need with everything a consultant could offer. What followed was the development of the most comprehensive cloud-based cost allocation software on the market today.